Hay Fever Products Tried and Tested

Hay Fever Products Tried and Tested

We share the hay fever remedies that are really working for us!

Along with the sunshine and the long days of summer comes hay fever.  If you're a hay fever sufferer you’re not alone, it’s one of the UK’s most common allergic conditions, affecting around 10 million adults and children every year.  Symptoms of hay fever, caused by an allergic reaction to pollen released from trees and plants, can include sneezing, runny nose and red itchy eyes.

To prepare for the summer season, we’ve been testing products to help relieve hay fever symptoms, watch our video below explaining more!



Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates Hay Fever products

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Aromatherapy Associates, and during the hay fever season we wanted to share some of their best products to help with breathing if you have a stuffy or runny nose. 

The Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil contains Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils to help you breathe easier while clearing your head.  Massage onto your body before showering or bathing, cup hands and take a few deep breaths and you’ll find it really helps the sinuses and the mind!

The Support Breath Rollerball is also fantastic for on-the-go with the same essential oils that can be used on pulse points throughout the day.  Finally – if you want to go the whole way and work the room, a few drops of the Support Breathe Essential Oil on a diffuser will really help clear the head and the nose as the soothing properties of essential oils work their magic.   We used the Aromatherapy Associates Home Fragrancer to diffuse the oil, but you can use whichever you happen to have at home.

Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil 55ml £47
Aromatherapy Associates Support Breath Rollerball 10ml £18
Aromatherapy Associates Support Breath Essence 10ml £22
Aromatherapy Associates Home Fragrancer £49


A.Vogel Hay Fever remedies

I have been using A.Vogel products for many years and in 2017 I had the opportunity of visit the company’s head quarters in Switzerland.  Seeing the process from seed to shelf, reinforced my belief in the quality and efficacy of A.Vogel homeopathic products.  During hay fever season, I turn to Pollinosan Hay Fever Tablets.  They are non-drowsy, so you can still drive while taking them and they contain 7 tropical herbs to quickly help relieve all your symptoms.  And when I say quickly, for me they act within minutes.

A.Vogel also have a Pollinosan Nasal Spray which cleanses the nasal passages of pollen and restores the fluid and moisture to the nose.  It can be used with other hay fever products and is also suitable if you suffer from asthma.

A.Vogel Pollinosan Hay Fever Tablets 80 tablets £9.75 120 Tablets £9.75
A.Vogel Pollinosan Luffa Nasal Spray 20ml £7.99  

Hello Day

Hello Day Immunity Defence
Genevieve has been working with a natural supplement brand, Hello Day, who produce a curated set of supplements designed to help you through the seasons in the best health possible.  They also provide individual supplements and one of which is an all-natural anti-allergy supplement – Immunity Defence.  The main ingredient is Zinc combined with Quails Eggs, which is quite extraordinary, but this provides a powerful and effective solution to seasonal allergies and help build up your immunity system.  You can take as many as you need throughout the day and they will literally stop most allergy symptoms in around 10 minutes.  You can also take them together with your usual anti-histamine if you find that it isn’t working and need something additional to top it up. 

Hello Day Immunity Defence 30 chewable tablets £21.00 - There’s an offer at the moment, 10% off until 8th July 2018 and also a money back guarantee which usually means it works!   

Eyelergy Eye Drops

Eyelergy Eye Drops

Hay fever can be just as prevalent in the city as the country.  In recent weeks my walk home from the underground immediately triggers dry, itchy eyes, for me, the first sign of hay fever.  I’ve taken to carrying Eyelergy Eye Drops.  The clever single dose packaging makes them particularly suitable for travelling and they are so fast acting.  As soon as you apply them, your eyes feel relieved, moisturised and the grittiness has gone.  The protective film combats the symptoms of hay fever and eye irritation and they are suitable for contact lens wearers.  They have no preservative so use up each dose once opened.  I honestly wouldn’t be without Eyelergy, especially during the summer months.

Eyelergy Eye Drops 20 x single doses £9.90 including delivery

Do you have any favourite hay fever treatments we should know about?