Vionic Orthotic Shoes - Comfort and Style

Vionic Orthotic Shoes - Comfort and Style

The Vionic secret allows you to stay comfortably on your feet all day long!

I now wonder how I spent years going to work in high heels.  Running up escalators, standing on the tube and walking long distances balancing on a pair of stilettoes.  Oh, how I’ve changed.  I still run up escalator’s and walk every day, but my footwear has changed considerably.  The heels have gone, I’ve replaced them with the most stylish Vionic orthotic shoes.

Vionic Shoes Joey Sneakers

Why choose Vionic orthotic shoes?

There are many benefits to wearing Vionic orthotic shoes.  They keep your body in alignment, help prevent, and often heal ailments and injuries.  And above all else, they are comfortable.  My day may consist of running to the post office, going into town on the underground and walking long distances between meetings.  Some days I am literally on my feet all day long.

Orthotc Shoes from Vionic Shoes

The ‘Joey’, Vionic Shoes perfect casual sneaker for every day


It’s so important to me that I have shoes in my wardrobe that I can rely on, shoes that are practical as well as comfortable.  I need shoes that can adapt to whatever the day throws at me.  It might be dashing to a meeting or catching up with friends for coffee.  I want shoes that looks stylish for more than one occasion.  This summer my sneaker of choice has been the ‘Joey’, a soft nubuck shoe that looks great with athleisure wear as well as casual clothes.  They have literally taken me from dashing around the village running errands, to dashing into town to meetings.

What is FMT Technology?

Joey Sneaker from Vionic Shoes

All Vionic shoes have FMT Technology which helps to promote alignment from the ground up.  This helps you to connect in the way nature intended. The built-in support hugs your curves and supports your feet all day long.  The technology can help to reduce common aches and pains like plantar fasciitis.  It’s known as the ‘Vionic Secret’.  FMT Technology was developed by renowned Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli.  The technology now has 30 years of research behind it and is proven to work.   It’s designed into every pair of shoes, sandals, active shoes and casual flats. 

Do Vionic make shoes for men as well as women?


Vionic have shoes for men and women.  The clever styling means whether you are wearing a casual deck shoe, a sneaker or boots, no one will know you are wearing an orthotic shoe. 

What you’ll know, is that your feet are well supported, you are in correct alignment, and ready to walk your way through the day in complete comfort.

Vionic Orthotic Shoes

My only regret is that I didn’t find out about Vionic Shoes years ago!

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