SanDisk Eye-Fi SD Wireless Memory Card

Wirelessly and effortlessly transfer your photographs from your camera

Easily the best gadget, if you can call it a gadget that I have bought in a long time.  The SanDisk Eye-Fi SD Wireless Memory Card works in the same way as any other memory card, saving your photographs and videos, until you have finished taking them.  Then the clever part starts, the SanDisk Eye-Fi card creates its own Wi-Fi wireless hotspot and sends your photographs to your chosen device, be it your mobile phone, IPad or computer.  There is no need for any addition internet connection, the Eye-Fi card works independently, and without cables.

This is a great way of sharing your photographs with family or friends on social media, or email.  For me it was brilliant on holiday to download the photographs from camera to IPad to instantly view full screen.

The SanDisk Eye-Fi SD Wireless card comes in 4GB £28.11 and 8GB £43.47 and is available from Amazon