How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Cucumber Clothing

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Cucumber Clothing

Suffering from night sweats and hot flushes? Cucumber has the answer to keeping cool at night

The importance of sleep has been well documented in recent months, 8 hours is the optimum time, rooms should be kept cool, and technology should be avoided before bed time.  Setting the scene and prepping before bed is easy, what isn’t, is having a restful night’s sleep if you suffer from night sweats.  Whether you are going through the menopause or medical treatment, regulating your temperature can literally be a nightmare.

The inspiration behind Cucumber

It was during a holiday that friends, Nancy Zeffman and Eileen Willett, discovered they both had interrupted sleep due to feeling far too hot in bed.  They both agreed they needed nightwear that helped them keep cool and comfortable during the night.  So, Cucumber was born.  A range of practical nightwear designed for comfort and made from a technically advanced fabric for wicking away perspiration.

Cucumber Clothing

Cucumber designed to flatter different sizes

Practical in style and function, Cucumber has launched a capsule collection of nightdresses, camisoles, pants and shorts in a wide range of sizes.  The styles have been cut to flatter each individual size so, whether you are size 8 or 18, you can be confident that Cucumber nightwear will suit you.

What makes Cucumber nightwear different?

Cucumber create their sleepwear from a patented wicking fabric that moves moisture up and away from the body at speed.  This keeps you drier and more comfortable.  Softer and silkier than cotton the fabric also last six times longer.  The colours have minimal fade, and the special built in anti-microbial nano-technology means less odour, it even remains after 50 or more washes.  In fact, in trials, after 50 washes the bacterial kill rate was 99.9%.

Although the fabric has been tested in the lab, the nightwear has been tested by women, women who are hot and sweaty due to the menopause, women who are undergoing cancer treatment, and women who just want a comfortable restful night’s sleep.

I invited Nancy Zeffman to tell me more about Cucumber.  Watch our video below.



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