Have you discovered the Vionic secret?

Have you discovered the Vionic secret?

Vionic shoes, the secret to being comfortable all day long

Vionic Shoes Hattie

Vionic Shoes – the ultimate investment piece

My attitude towards fashion has changed over the years, gone are the days of wearing little clothing, uncomfortable shoes or the latest trend, I now look for investment pieces.  I’m more prepared to spend time researching what to buy and where from the internet, than I am traipsing around shopping centres.  I make considered purchases and don’t pick something up just because it caught my eye.  I make sure I absolutely love something before it becomes mine and make sure it’s going to work with what I’ve already got in the wardrobe.  I like to think that with age, I’ve become a better shopper.


Wearing Vionic Shoes

When it comes to shoes, I want comfort first and foremost, then I want style, something that is on trend but won’t date, and I want them to work for me.  By that I mean I want them to be versatile, go with different outfits and fit into my lifestyle.  I might be in meetings, attending a press event or having coffee with a friend, I want shoes that fit every occasion.  And that’s exactly what Vionic Shoes are, they are an investment piece, an investment in yourself.  An easy way to look good and feel comfortable all-day long.

Vionic Shoes
The Vionic Secret

The Vionic Secret lies in the podiatrist designed footbed in every shoe, whether you choose a casual trainer, a flat shoe or a wedge, the FMT Technology helps to correct your alignment from the ground up.  This means less aches and pains and helps you to move as nature intended.  So, you can walk and stand all day in complete comfort.  But, not only are all Vionic Shoes super comfortable, great for your posture and alignment, they also look bang on trend and no one will know they are orthotic shoes.  Well, they will if you’re anything like me because as soon as someone mentions your shoes, you’ll be telling them all about the technology.  The Vionic Secret will be out!

Hattie from Vionic Shoes
Why choose Vionic Shoes?

Whether you have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis, leg or back injuries or just want to prevent these problems in the future, Vionic Shoes will make a huge difference to recovery or prevention.  The shoes cushion your feet, cradling them and carefully positioning them.  The arch support and deep heel cup keep your foot stable, giving you the style you want, with the support you need.

Vionic Shoes Summer Collection

Hattie the soft canvas sneaker - the perfect summer shoe

Hattie Sneaker from Vionic Shoes

When Vionic invited me to choose shoes to review for Fighting Fifty, the Hattie immediately appealed to me.  The soft canvas upper, the espadrille inspired trim, and the cool Ivory colour, makes Hattie perfect for summer.  Whether I’m dashing to a meeting in trousers or having dinner wearing a dress, Hattie is the ideal shoe, working equally well for both.  I can literally wear these shoes all day without every thinking about them, well except for some admiring glances!

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This article was sponsored by Vionic Shoes, but the words and views are entirely my own!