Flower Power: the benefits of flower arranging

Flower power: the benefits of flower arranging

Flower arranging is a beautiful, mindful and creative art form that we absolutely adore

I remember days spent with my Grandmother many (many) years ago in her studio or at her kitchen table.  She was also a florist, and as a young woman, although I appreciated the beauty of her craft, I just associated flower arranging with a group of, let’s be honest, old ladies faffing about with flowers.

Fast forward a few years, and here I am at Posy & Posy HQ just faffing about with flowers every day, because my creative soul is finally satisfied.

So, you’re not a florist, or like me, thought flower arranging was for the older set, here’s why you should think again and reap the benefits.

Get in the flow

You know that lovely feeling you get when you are absorbed in a great book? You lose all concept of time, your mind is focused, you are completely engaged, and that feeling is the flow or being in the zone.  Being completely in the moment while creating beautiful arrangements injects an instant moment of calm into our very busy lives and often helps us achieve clarity when we are wrestling with a particularly tricky problem.

Get happy

Honestly, just looking at flowers makes people happy, the mix of colours, textures and scents is so joyful.  Just looking at a gorgeous arrangement of blooms in your home is such a pleasure.  Now, imagine you have created that beautiful arrangement, hello happiness.

Share the love

Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t be delighted to receive gorgeous bunch of flowers as a gift?  Why not step it up a notch?  Let your flower arranging skills shine, choose some beautiful blooms and a fab vase, footed bowl or a fabulous vintage vessel and create something totally bespoke for that special someone.

Learning a new skill

There is lots of research on the health benefits we reap when we learn new skills and exercise our clever brains.  There is recent information that the rise in our technology use particularly with tablets and phones is detrimental to manual dexterity and fine motor skills.  Learning to arrange flowers will not only present a lovely new challenge, but you will definitely be using your hands and maintaining your manual dexterity.


Flower arranging doesn’t need to be a solo activity, in fact the team loves nothing more than making time to get together and get creating. Don’t discard book club, meeting at the movies or taking a yoga class with your friends, but why not consider getting together regularly to create beautiful floral arrangements or gather friends for a catch up, pour out the wine and make your own beautiful flower creations what could be more fun?

Flower arranging is a beautiful, mindful and creative art form that we absolutely adore

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