breathease - cleaning solutions for asthma and allergy sufferers

breathease - cleaning solutions for asthma and allergy sufferers

The award winning scientifically developed range of safe cleaning products

It might be a slight exaggeration to say I’m allergic to housework but, what I have noticed recently is how cleaning products, especially in the bathroom, affect my breathing and eyes.  21 million people in the UK suffer from an allergy, that’s nearly one person in every household, and it seems to be on the increase.  The BBC reported in January 2013 that a study of more than 7,000 people suggested that exposure to cleaning products was a factor in one in six cases of adult-onset asthma among British people in their mid-fifties.  We are constantly looking at the food we eat and the products we put on our skin but, overlook the damage household cleaners are doing to our bodies.

I don’t suffer from asthma or have any know allergies but the fumes from some cleaning products do literally bring tears to my eyes.  So when breathease offered me the opportunity to test some of their cleaning products I was more than willing to take up the challenge.

The biggest challenge was to see if the range of products specifically designed with asthma and allergy suffers in mind, would perform as well as my conventional products.  Developed with scientific experts, breathease has been formulated with significantly less allergens to deliver effective cleaning whilst caring for your health.

 breathease range of cleaning products suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers

The range consists of five powerful cleaning agents to tackle every possible cleaning need around the home.  Kitchen, Shower and Tile, Bathroom, Window and Glass and Multi-purpose trigger bottles make cleaning effortless and safe.

Both the kitchen and bathroom products that I put through their paces performed as well as my usual brands.  I was pleasantly surprised that they still had a fresh clean fragrance without the eye stinging effect I normally get while cleaning the shower.  They are economical to use as a little goes a long way and the trigger pack sits very comfortably in your hand.

As well as being supported by Asthma UK, the experts at Allergy Standards have rigorously tested breathease and have accredited them ‘asthma and allergy friendly’, breathease is the first range of cleaners to ever be awarded this mark. 

breathease is suitable for people with respiratory conditions, as well as those who are conscious of harmful cleaners looking for a safer option, especially households with small children.

Whether you have asthma, allergies or are just looking for a healthier cleaning product, breathease is the range to try.  You can find the full range of products in Tesco and they are exceptional value for money at only £3 for 500ml.

 Available from breathease and larger Tesco stores