Become - Making Menopause Cool!

Become - Making Menopause Cool!

The new intelligent intimate apparel set to change the way we live during menopause

Mention the menopause and you’re likely to hear some descriptive words; hot, sweaty, tired and uncomfortable are just some of the ones I’ve heard.  Every woman has a different experience of the menopause but most of us live through fluctuating temperatures.  One minute you’re hot, the next cold.  You wake up in the night and your bed resembles a bath.  Simple pleasures like going out for a walk on a sunny day become an ordeal as your body seems to be melting from the forehead down.

Choosing the right clothes during menopause has in the past been a challenge, you need layers for your constantly changing temperature.  Clothes to keep you warm and at the same time keep you cool.  I did say it was a challenge!

Become - the disruptive new brand tackling menopause symptoms


Life during menopause has just got much easier!

Last year I was invited to take part in market research surrounding the menopause, the company wanted to know about my experience and the products I used to ease the symptoms.  I was lucky that I had a very positive approach to my body changing and controlled the symptoms with omegas, vitamins and a hell of a lot of running.  Working out lifted my spirits and kept most symptoms at bay.  What I couldn’t control was the hot flushes and night sweats, although they didn’t last long they were very uncomfortable and embarrassing. 

Anti-Flush Technology™ set to make menopause cool!

This year I was invited back to meet the team who has spent the last two years developing a fabric to make menopause more bearable.  I was shown a tank made for an ultra-fine fabric which has patent-pending Anti-Flush Technology™ capable of addressing sudden surges in heat, profuse sweating and extreme chilling sensations associated with hot flushes.  I was intrigued; could such a simple garment really help keep our temperature constant during menopause. 

I was given one of the prototype tops to try.  I explained that I had already gone through the menopause and didn’t have hot flushes very often but did find it hard to regulate my temperature at times, especially when travelling on the underground and during exercise.  I wore the tank and found it to be extremely comfortable. 

At first, I didn’t think it had worked because my temperature didn’t seem to change, then it dawned on me that it was because the tank was working!  Having this thin layer under your clothes makes all the difference, you feel cool and comfortable at all times.  The seamless knit technology wicks moisture and heat away from the body as your temperature rises.  When your body begins the rapid cool down, it transfers the heat back to prevent chills while keeping the moisture at bay.

So, rather than battling with extreme temperature changes, you can now stay cool, calm and collected during menopause.  This is a huge step forward as it’s a problem faced by 75% of women during menopause.


Become Menopause Apparel

Become launches on World Menopause Day

On World Menopause Day, 18th October 2017, the simple tank that I tried made its debut in the new range of apparel from Become.  The intelligent basics, tanks and briefs, are just the start of the journey for this female driven company who have experience of producing technology led intimate wear, including THINX period -proof panties.

Become is set to change the way we think about menopause and how we live our lives during it.  Become is disruptive, it’s bold, and it’s going to make a big difference, and this is just the start!

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