The Beurer Runtastic PM200+ Smartphone Kit

The Beurer Runtastic PM200+ Smartphone Kit

It’s been found that regular exercise can strengthen the body’s ‘clock’ and help it stay synchronised as it grows older.

A new study has found that every form of life has a ‘body clock’ that allows for synchronisation of various bodily functions, such as sleeping and eating, to the 24-hour light-dark cycle of the day.  As we age the circadian rhythms of the body clock often become less synchronised which can result in poor sleep patterns, weakened immune function and general cognitive decline.

More proof that exercise can have a beneficial effect on our mind and body as we age.  It can help to reset the daily circadian rhythms which can lead to improved sleeping patterns, better moods and memory.  Keeping to a regular exercise pattern and monitoring your progress has just got easier.  Beurer have launched the PM200+ which works in conjunction with the Runtastic App for smartphones, including the IPhone, Blackberry, Windows phone and Android.

The kit contains a small receiver which plugs into the headphone socket of the phone, a heart rate monitor to wear around your chest, and an armband for securing your phone during exercise.  Using the code which comes with the kit you set up your Runtastic account, download the App and you’re good to go.


I’ve been testing to Beurer PM200+ and its simplicity itself to install and use, I found the chest strap to be more comfortable than my Polar system and the armband fits without slipping.  I know these are quite minor details but when you run you really don’t want to be fiddling with bits of kit.  Once you have set up your account all your activity is logged on your phone and on the Runtastic website.  The data is accessible and clear, and much like the Nike+ GPS you can track where you have been, accurately measure the distance, time and speed, as well as being able to keep a check on your heart rate.  This is one of the biggest bonuses of the Beurer PM200+ not having to use a separate heart rate monitor means that all your information is in one place, without the need to wear an additional monitor.

Now before you start thinking oh this is just for athletes or people undertaking a serious exercise plan, it isn’t.  The PM200+ can be used effectively to monitor your daily walks, while playing golf, cycling, in fact practically any activity, even just walking home from the station, incorporate this into your routine and it will give you all the encouragement you need to keep to a daily pattern.  See the calories you burn as well as the distance covered, while keeping a check on your heart rate.  The Runtastic App also sends you encouraging messages to get you out there and pounding the pavement if you happen to miss a couple of days.

I am really impressed with The PM200+ it’s easy to use as well as being comfortable, it’s accurate, and keeps your exercise routine on track, and will ultimately help to keep the body clock synchronised.  Better fitness, better moods and sleep patterns can only help to keep us looking and feeling younger.

The Beurer PM200+ smartphone kit is (currently) priced at £28.09 and is available from Amazon and works in conjunction with Runtastic