The Muscle Help Foundation pledge #powerof657 Muscle Dream experiences

cle Help Foundation pledge #powerof657 Muscle Dream experiences

In the UK alone Muscular Dystrophy is the single biggest genetic killer of children and young people

70,000 sufferers in this country are losing their mobility, independence and finally for those with the most severe form, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, their lives, it is a cruel and unforgiving disease.

Diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 18, The Muscle Help Foundation co-founder Michael McGrath knows much about overcoming this debilitating disease.  Michael is the first disabled person in the world to have successfully led expeditions to both the North (April 2002) and South Poles (January 2004).

The Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) is a specialist family charity that delivers life-changing, highly personalised experiences for children and young people in the UK with Muscular Dystrophy and allied neuromuscular conditions.

What is the #powerof657?

The Muscle Help Foundation making Muscle Dreams for children with Muscular Dystrophy

Reaching your potential and realising your dreams are close to Michael's heart and with his help the charity has already fulfilled the dreams of 188 young people.  This year MHF is launching the #thepowerof657 campaign, which represents the approximate amount of muscles in the human body.  With the help of a grant of nearly £10,000 from the Big Lottery fund and your support, MHF aim to deliver a total of 657 transformational experiences or 'Muscle Dreams'.

The #powerof657  campaign will run throughout 2015 and has three main purposes: 1) To reach more families, beneficiaries and partner organisations 2) to empower those whom the charity engages and connects with and 3) to inspire more young people with Muscular Dystrophy across the UK, and help them to realise their potential.

How you can help the #powerof657 campaign?

You can help by pledging an online donation of £6.57 (or much more!), create your own fundraising event or even cook a sponsored meal in 6 minutes 57 seconds. Take part in the 657 running challenge by undertaking a 5km run following the 657 bus route from Woodford to Waltham Forest. 

The Muscle Help Foundation has already delivered 188 Muscle Dreams and with your help they can deliver another 469 - together we can harness the #powerof657. 

Some experiences can take years before they are realised, when they are, they can change lives and give hope, confidence and raise self-esteem as well as creating life-long friendships.  Whether learning new survival skills with Ray Mears or interviewing movie icon Al Pacino, The Muscle Help Foundation make sure that every detail is taken care of, including putting in place specific activities for those family members and carers in attendance.

Please support The Muscle Help Foundation to transform and enhance a young person's life with the #powerof657.

You can donate to The Muscle Help Foundation here and learn more about the charity here.

The Muscle Help Foundation #powerof657 campaign