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The charitable partnership giving women living with cancer more confidence

Studio 10 founder Grace Fodor knew she had to do more than just donate time to the charity she feels passionately about.  Here she explains why the #raise1brow campaign will help to empower women with cancer.


Grace Fodor

Studio 10 founder Grace Fodor

Last week saw the official launch of our #raise1brow project for cancer support charity Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) at a star-studded Lanson-sipping reception at Mayfair’s luxury interiors showroom, Baxter London, on Hay Hill.

It sounds quite glamorous, and in fact it was.  We were delighted to have the support of Anthea Turner, Melanie Sykes, Michelle Collins, Gary Cockerill, Jane Felstead, Eve Pollard, Kimberley Garner and many other inspiring celebrities. 

This in itself was lovely, but in all the years I have been organising events (and indeed attending them) I have never known there to be such a passion about an event, which for me, meant so much more. 

I first decided to talk to Look Good Feel Better a while ago.  Two of my friends had faced this devastating disease in the last couple of years and having watched their fight, I was absolutely determined that even a small company like mine could step up and do our bit to making a difference in any way we could. 

The thing that struck me most watching their experience was how the disease doesn’t just rob you of your health, but your identity.  For women, that can mean skin issues, loss of breasts, loss of hair, weight gain.  Those things might not threaten your life, but they certainly attack your confidence. 

I vehemently believe that part of the battle is in feeling like yourself.  If you feel like yourself you can face the world, and the fight in the way you know how to.  To feel like yourself, you have to feel confident – when you look in the mirror, knowing who you are makes such a difference. 

With this in mind, Look Good Feel Better was the natural place for Studio 10 to donate time in helping other women face their fight feeling as confident as they can.  

The only international cancer support charity, LGFB provides confidence-boosting skincare and makeup workshops and masterclasses all over the UK for women and teenagers struggling with the visible side effects of their cancer treatment.

Initially I thought we could maybe just donate some products, or I could encourage my staff (many of whom are trained make-up artists themselves) to give time by giving them extra holiday time as a sabbatical to volunteer.

It soon became apparent though that we all wanted to do so much more.  This awful disease has affected almost everyone in our company.  In fact, one in two of us will face cancer in our lifetimes.  The other fifty percent will have to support that person.  
With those numbers in mind, we decided to donate, give time and then take on a much bigger challenge, especially for a brand without an enormous budget. 

We decided that we wanted to make sure that every woman with cancer knows who Look Good Feel Better is.  We want them to know that with their help they can look like themselves, they can feel like themselves, in fact, they can feel amazing.  

We want them to know they are beautiful, no matter how far from it they feel right now. Because confidence is beautiful.  Confidence is strong.  Confidence fights battles. 

Sarahjane Robertson, Executive Director at Look Good Feel Better supports our thoughts:  “We are pleased to be working with Studio 10 as they recognise and embrace the mission of Look Good Feel Better.  To help all women living with cancer to feel more confident in their appearance”.

Anyone undergoing treatment for cancer face many challenges, not least among these is the effect on their appearance and self-esteem. Hair loss is an all too common side effect that can affect the eyebrows.  Brows define and frame the face, with many losing theirs through cancer treatment. 

How can you help?

Open to everyone, it’s easy to join in and support the #raise1brow project:

Raise AWARENESS by posting a selfie video on social media of yourself trying to #raise1brow and nominating three friends to do the same

Raise £1 by texting BROW10 £1 to 70070

Raise a BROW PENCIL by buying a LGFB Studio 10 Brow Perfecting Liner and Studio 10 will donate one, worth £22

Brow Lift Perfecting Liner for Look Good Feel Better is available now from Studio 10 price £22

Studio 10 - Making a Difference… One Brow at a Time

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