No Makeup Selfie Campaign

Women have taken to social media this week to help raise awareness and money for Cancer Research UK

You may have seen within the last 2 days many women have been taking 'selfies' of themselves with NO makeup on to bring awareness to cancer and to make donations to this much needed cause.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have seen hundreds of thousands of women posing for snaps wearing no make-up.  Posting a ‘selfie’ without makeup the women taking part have each donated a few pounds to the charity before nominating friends to do the same. 

Cancer Research UK said it has had more than 800,000 text donations raising more than £1 million in 24 hours, which it says is "unprecedented" and that number is set to rise.

Dr Lisa Delamaine, Cosmetic Surgeon and resident Fighting Fifty expert says ‘as the owner of Persona Cosmetic Medicine, myself and my team help women every day to enhance their features, and I thought what a great way to help raise the profile of this cause by joining women all over the UK in holding a BARE face day at work where we will ALL be make-up free’.  She went on to say ‘we help thousands of women who have lost self confidence in their appearance through having this terrible illness by building up their self-esteem ensuring they look and feel good.  We are asking all our clients this week to kindly donate, however big or small and post their ‘selfies’ on social media sites to keep the awareness going’.

Aaron Eccles of Cancer Research UK said ‘we don't know where it came from. We are looking into it.  Some people say it came from the Oscars, some people say it's an Australian thing or a UK thing.  We are trying to find out.  But whatever happened, it started organically and just went a bit crazy’.

Support Cancer Research UK by posting your no makeup ‘selfie’ on any social media network and make your donation to Cancer Research UK by texting BEAT to 70099 to donate £3


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