National Voices Launches the “Introductory Guide to Care and Support Planning”

National Voices is the national coalition of health and social care charities in England

They work together to strengthen the voice of patients, carers and their families as well as supporting the charities that work for them.

National Voices has heard many of the people they work with express concern about a lack of co-ordinated and holistic healthcare. According to NHS England, everyone with a long term condition or disability should have a personalised care plan. A recent GP Survey found that only three per cent of people with long term conditions have one.

Good care and support planning improves the lives of people who need support from health or care services over the long term. They may be living with diabetes, depression, epilepsy, arthritis – or any condition or disability that requires long term support. When you consider that 15 million people in England live with a long term condition, that’s a huge number of people whose lives could be improved with a proper care plan.

To address this issue, National Voices is launching its “Introductory Guide to Care and Support Planning” on 3rd March, which is NHS Change Day, at the Health & Care Innovation Expo.

The Guide sets out what good care and support planning should look like and provides people with a starting point to discuss these approaches with the professionals they work with.

Care and support planning makes sure we see people as people, not conditions or disabilities. Those who have tried it – both people who use services and professionals - see it as a better way to work together.

If you would like to help National Voices launch the Guide to Care and Support Planning you can sign up to their Thunderclap here by Monday 3rd March. 

If you would like to find out more, visit their website National Voices