QVC TSV - Alpha-H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal Collection

QVC TSV - Alpha-H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal Collection

This Alpha-H trilogy features a brand-new product alongside two of their best sellers

Why Alpha-H?

Nothing gets me more excited than hearing about a special offer from one of my favourite skincare brands.  Why is Alpha-H a favourite, well apart from creating some of the most effective products, they are a family owned company, who clinically test every product.  They continually update their formulations and aren’t afraid to drop products from their catalogue.  On top of this, they are completely accessible and affordable, but when combined with a QVC, Today’s Special Value, they are unbeatable!

What’s included in the Alpha-H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal Collection:

Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream 15ml

When the original beauty disruptors, Alpha-H, launch a new product you know it’s the result of years of research, development and testing.  If like me you are a devoted fan of Liquid Gold, the glycolic acid lotion that literally transforms skin overnight, you may have wished for the same effect for your eyes.  Wish no longer!  It’s here.  Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream, and it’s every bit as good as you would expect from the Australian company who have been producing ground-breaking products for over 20 years.

Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream sets out to address all concerns you may have about your eyes.  Lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes are tackled by a formulation containing lime pearl extract, a new natural source of AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) extracted from caviar lime, native to the rainforests on the Australian East Coast.  Niacinamide, hibiscus petal, cucumber seed, white mulberry and ferulic acid are married with illuminating diamond particles to give eyes a soft focus ‘photo finish’.  A clever combination of natural ingredients and the latest hexapeptide technology means you can avoid the need for aesthetic intervention.

As the name suggest, expect a firming and lifting effect and smoother skin.  In vivo testing on women 50-55 produced revitalised cellular behaviour equivalent to skin 17 years younger, and a 41% decrease in skin roughness.  See what I mean about clinical trials – I love hearing the evidence that products do work before I commit to buying them – don’t you?

Alpha-H have included a gold coloured metal applicator wand to glide the eye cream around the orbital bone, it’s both cooling and soothing, especially if you’ve been staring at a computer screen all day.

Liquid Gold 200ml

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of Liquid Gold, then take this opportunity to become acquainted.  Your skin will thank you for it.  This glycolic acid lotion has the ability to resurface your skin, it will kick start hyaluronic acid and collagen production while improving the appearance of lines, reduce pigmentation, sun damage and acne.  In the Harper’s Bazar 2017 Beauty Awards, Liquid Gold was acknowledged as being simply the ‘Best Overnight Facial’.  Another clinically proven product from Alpha-H, Liquid Gold will decrease wrinkle depth, improve texture and increase moisture within the skin after just one application. 

In the Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal Collection, you will receive a whooping 200ml bottle of Liquid Gold sporting it’s new packaging.  A move away from gold, to an attractive new white and gold bottle.

Balancing Cleanser 200ml

One of the original Alpha-H line up, Balancing Cleanser has a 3-in-1 action which gently but effectively removes all traces of makeup including eye makeup, while balancing the skin.

This creamy non-foaming cleanser contains aloe vera and Vitamin E for skin hydration and tones and rebalances skin’s natural pH level.

QVC TSV Saturday 10th February 2018

Alpha-H brand owner, Michelle Doherty, and UK national training director, Tom Ogden, will be live on QVC on Saturday 10th March 2018 to present this latest TSV which is bound to sell out quickly.  Especially as I calculate this Collection to be worth more than £120.00 in value.

Don’t miss out on this highly effective and clinically proven skincare pre-order now!

Alpha-H 3 Piece Liquid Gold Complexion Renewal Collection ONLY £39.96!