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How do I find out if there is a reputable salon near where I live, I’ve asked friends but no one seems to know?0Kathryn Danzey
How do I know that I can trust a clinic, are there any governing bodies? I’ve heard that some people aren’t qualified?0Dr Lisa Delamaine MBBS BSc Hons
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Why has the PIP problem increased the number of women enquiring about breast implants?0Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS EBOPRAS
My hair is splitting. Is a drastic cut the only thing I can do to stop it?0Expert
How can I stop coming back from my holiday with my hair looking like straw?0admin
Can a haircut make my thinning hair look thicker?0admin
What blushers are best for an older skin? Please can you help as I am really struggling to find a good blusher that doesn't sit on my skin and also I want a shade that will give me some colour but not look like Aunt Sally. Thanks 0Nikki Taylor
I have a problem where my mascara melts onto the top of my eye socket. I have quite long lashes and it's so annoying when I get an eyelash transfer! I have tried many types of mascara including Benefit and Bobbi Brown.0Nikki Taylor
I used to bite my nails and used acrylics to break me of the habit. It's been a year since I stopped using acrylics but, although my nails grow like a weed, they tear and split. They look awful, can you help?0Caroline Carter
I am 54, not too worried about fine lines however during a consultation at a beauty counter I was told that my skin is dehydrated. I use a rich face cream every day and evening and I don't want to go thicker as I'm worried my make up won't stay put. 1Nikki Taylor
Are creams or oils better to moisturise the skin?0Dr Nick Lowe MD, FRCP, FACP
How important is stress in acne and other skin diseases?0Dr Nick Lowe MD, FRCP, FACP
Do face masks really make a difference to your skin or is it only a temporary effect?0Kathryn Danzey
Can I really make a difference to how young and plump my face looks myself, or can only a therapist do that?0Emma Hardie
I like the sound of microdermabrasion but I’m worried it will be too harsh for my sensitive skin.  Can anyone have this treatment?0Kathryn Danzey
Does Botox Get Bad Press?0Dr Lisa Delamaine MBBS BSc Hons